Futureproof Your Digital Identity – How D3 Aims To Revolutionize Your Online Persona

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Blockchain technology is poised to radically transform the way we interact online, ushering in the next evolution of the Internet, which is being referred to as Web3. In order for the transition to Web3 to be a success, interoperable identity infrastructure will be crucial.

D3 is at the forefront of this pioneering step towards a Web3 future and beyond. We are developing futureproof digital identities that aren’t hostage to platforms or applications and ensure your online persona remains front and center. With D3, you won’t have to worry about finding the right digital identity or username ever again.


  • Domain names have been critical in making the Internet accessible to billions of people and will be crucial to drive widespread adoption of Web3.
  • D3 is partnering with leading Web3 projects and ecosystems to apply for and obtain their own Top-Level Domains (TLDs) on the Domain Name System (DNS), leading to interoperable domains that support Web1, Web2, Web3 and beyond.
  • We are building futureproof digital identities that move past mere domains or usernames, to include Verifiable Credentials (VCs) that bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds without compromising user security.

The History of Digital Identity

The origins of digital identity requires looking back nearly six decades to the birth of the Internet in the 1960s. Arpanet, the Internet’s predecessor, used hostnames to identify different computers on its network. The early 1980s saw the emergence of the Internet Protocol (IP) Addresses and the Domain Name System (DNS); digital identifiers evolved from mere functional labels to crucial components of Internet accessibility.

For the past 40 years, IP addresses and the DNS have provided a seamless identity layer on the Internet, leading to the emergence of Web1, Web2 and more recently Web3. We recognize this journey, acknowledging that these milestones are not mere historical footnotes but the foundation upon which the future of digital identity must be built – a future that promises a consolidated, user-centric digital persona with full interoperability.

Why We Are Building A Foundation Of Interoperability

The Internet, and by proxy DNS, has over 5.3 billion users worldwide, with billions of devices offering support for DNS right out of the box. Simple, easy-to-remember domain names have been critical in driving accessibility and adoption of the Internet, serving as its identity layer and ensuring seamless navigation across hundreds of millions of websites.

By contrast, nearly every single Web3 ecosystem needs users to download and install dedicated software such as digital wallets in order to access and use these platforms. Ironically, regardless if it ends in a .com, .io, or .xyz; nearly every Web3 project or platform has a website resolving on the DNS that forms the foundation of their brand identity. Domains, and the websites built on them, foster a sense of belonging and trust with users.

As the Web3 future of the Internet becomes more evident, so does the need for ‘Web3’ to be genuinely ‘web,’ which will require that it integrates with established DNS infrastructure. At D3, we are developing a strong foundation of interoperability between legacy Internet and Web3 infrastructure, focusing on the DNS.

We believe the next TLD application window will be the first step in a Web3 future. That’s why we are partnering with some of the leading projects within the Web3 industry to assist them in procuring their Top-Level Domains (TLDs) during the forthcoming application window. These TLDs will be tailored to the Web3 space, serving as gateways, not just destinations, and fostering a future of blockchain-driven, interoperable digital identities.

Embracing this grand vision, we are committed to technological excellence, developing cutting-edge, patent-pending infrastructure that will be the backbone of our pioneering technology. Our goal isn’t merely to bridge Web3 functionality with DNS, but to initiate a symbiotic relationship between these two ecosystems without the need for APIs and SDKs.

We foresee a future where these digital representations extend beyond static information, morphing into dynamic assets facilitating interactions across various sectors like employment, commerce, and social networking. Interoperability will play a vital role in the future of technologies centered around identity and identity management.

Offering A Futureproof Solution That Merges Physical And Digital Identities

The metamorphosis from the one-dimensional Web1 to the interactive mazes of Web2, and now to the decentralized fortresses of Web3, encapsulates the Internet’s relentless evolution. Despite this, domains and digital identities have remained nearly unchanged for over four decades and may benefit from new integrations that will contribute to the development of the next phase of the web.

We aren’t just another company promising blockchain-compatible domain names, instead we are building futureproof digital identities with DNS and Web3 at its core. D3 is developing digital identities that integrate promising, emerging technologies focused on identity management such as Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs), Verifiable Credentials (VCs) and Self-Sovereign Identities (SSIs).

Initially, our digital identity solutions will start with the development of unique name tokens in partnership with some of the leading projects in the Web3 industry. At the same time, we will assist these projects in preparing their applications for their own Top-Level Domains (TLDs) during the next application window, ensuring backward compatibility with traditional web infrastructure as well as the billions of users and devices across the world that are already familiar with them.

In this brave new world, your digital identity is a portable, secure vault, encompassing an array of interactions spanning this digital timeline. This vision is a call to individuals and enterprises alike to rally behind a digital identity that you unequivocally own and control. It’s an invitation to inhabit a digital space where identities aren’t hostage to platforms or applications but are versatile, interactive manifestations of the user’s multifaceted persona, generational usernames.


Your digital identity is the cornerstone of all of your online interactions, and requires a level of security, authenticity, and interoperability that mirrors the physical world. As we stand on the precipice of this new era, we invite everyone (stakeholders, users, and visionaries alike) to join us and embrace an ecosystem where your digital identity is resilient, trustworthy, and above all, sovereign.

By anchoring your digital identity on blockchain technology, while embracing the resilience and support of DNS, you are securing your digital legacy while withstanding future technological disruptions. D3 is front and center, not just as a facilitator but as a visionary, crafting a future where your digital footprint embodies absolute authenticity. It’s more than a technological shift; it’s a digital renaissance. And with D3, you’re not just a spectator; you’re an integral part of this revolution.

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