Everything You Need To Know About *SHIB Name Tokens


Are you excited about the launch of Shib Names tomorrow? We sure are, and to ensure you’re up to speed with everything related to *SHIB Name Tokens, we’ve prepared this nifty blog to answer your questions and more!

Early Access Launch

You’ll be able to register your own Shib Names starting Tuesday, March 5 at 13:00 UTC on www.d3.app! If you’ve signed up for Early Access, you will receive an email with more information as well as your own unique coupon code (details below).

Name Token Pricing

*SHIB Name Tokens may be purchased by any user or entity with a credit card or crypto wallet. Names are categorized into different price tiers based on string type, length, and perceived demand. 

  • Standard Names will cost $10 per name, per year. Examples of Standard Names include adegen*shib, technology*shib, foundation*shib, important*shib, challenge*shib and more.
  • Premium Names will start at $50 per name, per year. Examples of Premium Names include voice*shib, seller*shib, loan*shib, anon*shib, earn*shib and more.

Get Your Exclusive 69% Early Access Discount

Together with the Shib team and key community stakeholders, we will be launching a special early access offer to the #ShibArmy. Users will be able to claim a one-time 69% discount on their first shopping cart of up to 20 *SHIB Name Tokens. This promotion will be available for the first 69 hours after early access opens.

Several community stakeholders will be sharing their own discount codes over the coming days in the run up to Early Access, including Shytoshi, Lucie, The Shib Magazine, Shiboshi, Sheboshi and more. Keep an eye out!

What You Can Use Your Shib Names For

We have a lot of exciting developments underway that will allow you to use your Shib Names in a variety of different ways in the near future including as:

  • a simple, multichain wallet address across hundreds of different blockchains;
  • a cross-platform Web3 username across different DeFi, SocialFi, GameFi and other platforms;
  • an infrastructure identifier for your smart contracts, nodes or other decentralized infrastructure;
  • an address to access your decentralized website or dApp;

If you want to know more about what we have planned, take a look at our article ‘Futureproof Your Digital Identity – How D3 Aims To Revolutionize Your Online Persona.’

Why *SHIB vs .SHIB

Shib Names feature a star (*) instead of a dot (.), this is because these Name Tokens are limited to Web3 functionality for the time being. In order for a name to be considered a valid domain (and use the .), it needs to be approved by ICANN and be compatible with the DNS.

Benefits of Registering Names During Early Access

Registering during the Early Access period offers several benefits:

  • Lock-In Desired Names First: Early registration ensures you secure your desired name before it becomes available to the general public, reducing the risk of missing out on your preferred digital identity.
  • Be A First-Mover: Being among the first to register a *SHIB Name Token allows you to establish your digital presence early, providing a competitive edge in the Shib community and beyond.
  • Create a Portfolio: For users that may want to own multiple Name Tokens, early access is an opportunity to build or expand their portfolio ahead of others.

Buy and Sell Existing Shib Names

We are excited to offer users the ability to buy, sell, or place offers on existing Shib Names on the D3 Marketplace. Buyers and sellers will need to have an active account on D3. This feature will be enabled shortly after early access to Shib Names becomes available.

Integrating SNS

As highlighted in our thread on X last week, the Shib Name Service (SNS) is being grandfathered into D3. Last week, we deployed the D3 Shib Names smart contract on Shibarium and today the existing SNS smart contract will be frozen, a snapshot of users will be taken and their upgraded D3 Shib Names will be sent to their wallets.

Character Registration Limits

Name Tokens are limited to between 1 and 63 characters in length and can only contain letters (a – z), numbers (0 – 9) and sandwiched, non-recurring hyphens (-). Certain trademarks and other restricted names will be unavailable in compliance with our terms of service.

Step-by-Step Guide To Registering Your Own Shib Name

Registering a Shib Name on D3 is super easy. We’ve put together a brief step-by-step summary below that you can use once early access opens tomorrow:

  1. Log in to your account on www.d3.app
  2. Search for your desired Shib Name(s)
  3. Click on ‘Add to Cart’ on your desired Shib Name(s)
  4. Go to your cart
    1. Select your registration period for each name
    2. Users may enable auto renewals
    3. Users may enter a promotional coupon code (if applicable)
  5. Enter your contact information and select your payment method (credit card or crypto supported)
  6. Approve the required transaction prompts in either your wallet or your banking app
  7. Done!

If you have any questions or queries, feel free to contact our support team through [email protected] or reach out to @D3inc on X.

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